A few days ago, I was thinking, IoT might be the last link in interconnecting the whole Earth and creating one united whole. And I was wondering, wouldn’t that whole which is complex enough(having nodes as complex as human beings and links as smartphones and other connecting devices), become a super-conscious entity, with the accumulated knowledge of the whole world and emergent properties that go beyond our current imagination.

This also reminded me of genes and maybe an analogy to how with genes, life started to emerge, without them being conscious (at least not based on our description of life) in and of themselves. The relation between our cells to us might be more analogous to the relation between us and this big united whole. But genes are property-wise fundamentally different, in that, they are not alive (or are they?!).

In that sense, could this super-conscious entity become “super-alive”, the kind of “aliveness” that we cannot conceive of, with our current understanding of life?!

I wasn’t high or on anything. I have this daily writing practice that brought this train of thought to my mind.

The thing is, our imagination is so bound by the language we speak and think with, that the words that exist in our language, shape our world (Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, I know). Yes, we can explain things with simpler words but when the explanation becomes longer than a threshold, with relative clauses within relative clauses, that the sentence becomes too complicated to understand when one reads it from the beginning to the end, and the original idea becomes elusive and hard to connect with the explanation that comes next(suppose this rather short but complicated sentence: It’s not feeling not unlikely)

I am saying all this, because, the concept of “super-alive” and a different kind of “aliveness” other than what we are experiencing (if that’s similar), is really not easy to explain without the proper words to describe it. Our human-made language lacks these concepts because it’s not within the scope of our experience.

Who would create concepts that no-one is going to use? Of course, they contribute to our creative thinking and helps in expanding our intellectual horizons. Anyhow, this “super-aliveness”, in my terms, means that this entity does require a set of different words to explain its experiences, if “experience” is applicable to what “it”, well, experiences.

Crazy, I know. let me end this craziness by this idea: Would this Super-consciousness be able to connect with us, or us with it? Then(suppose, we can understand or translate its messages), if you could ask it only one thing, what would that be? In other words, if there is a super-conscious entity that can answer all your questions, do you know what is the most important question you would like to ask it?



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